Do You know the Difference, between Coding and Programming?

About Me and my Education

About My Personal Computer Education

My first experience and education with computers as well as early game consoles were in 1993 with Amiga, Commodore 64, Nintendo and others when I was just 3-4 years old.

In 1997 I started playing Ultima Online and discovered the internet.

At only ~7 years old, I was able to assemble my own computer from individual components and also put it together.

Programming was something I discovered early on when I built my first websites at the age of 9 and started learning C++ to modify private servers for the game Ultima Online.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been keeping up with current events in computers, innovations in hardware and software, and much more that comes from the computer industry.

Study and Retraining as Software Engineer

Fact: I only scored 19% in accounting, because the teacher was a narcissistic misogynist and I refused to take the exam.

Education as Car Mechanic

I became a motor vehicle mechatronics technician when I was 18 and learned how to repair and maintain cars, engines and transmissions. Mechatronics was a main part of the training. I specialised in the general overhaul of transmissions and engines.

Car Engine


In pursuit of change in my life, I took on the task of becoming a warehouse manager. I learned warehouse management, how to use forklifts and other heavy equipment like cranes.


Robot Operator and Engineer

After a change in my life, I was hired by a company that manufactures truck axles. I learned to manage industrial robots controlled by PLC.

Controlling heavy equipment for assembling and disassembling axles was also a main part of the job.

Robot Arm working on the World

The Dream of making Games

At some point I was bored at home, tired after work. It was cold in the spring of 2017 in Germany. I opened Google and typed in: How to Make a Game and a miracle happened.

Since I had been learning C# and WPF for a while and Unity 5 had just been released, this was the optimal choice to get started.

I came across a tutorial with the Roll-A-Ball and very quickly I finished the tutorial and was striving for more!