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Creating a WordPress Hosting Service under Windows

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Creating a WordPress Hosting Service under Windows

So far, I have hosted WordPress websites that I created with a low-cost provider. Since search engines include the mobile loading times of websites in their search engine ranking. So I also measured the loading times of my websites at different times.

The results were sobering. Especially at peak times, the loading times of the low-cost provider are very long, which inevitably leads to a poor search engine ranking.

I then informed myself about the options available to me to minimize this bottleneck. One solution seemed to be premium hosting services. These hosting packages, inevitably more expensive, offer the best hardware and dedicated resources for the website.

WordPress Hosting Service

99% of my websites run with WordPress. To make the websites I created faster, there was the option to switch to a premium hosting provider. Alternatively, I could set up my own web server which would provide the necessary hardware and resources.

Now I thought, since I already have a great knowledge of web servers - cloud services and automation, and I've been dying to make a push into Microsoft Azure, now would be the perfect time to do it and create my own Hosting Solutions for WordPress.

6 Months with a Provider

I worked for a provider who offered telephone systems, remote workstations, hosting services, internet services, e-mail services and various other things for the IT sector.

The implementation was done with VMWare, Hosting Controller and a large dedicated server infrastructure that was set up in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

During this time I was able to acquire the necessary information that I now need to set up a hosting service.

What is needed for a hosting service

My first thoughts when creating a hosting service were what tools do I need? Through my intensive experience with Microsoft Windows Server, my choice of web server quickly fell on Windows Server 2019 with an Internet Information Service (IIS) web server.

Now I needed a control panel for web hosting and server data. About 18 years ago I already worked with Plesk and knew that this is a suitable software. Alternatively I knew cPanel and WebAdmin. However, since I have more experience with Plesk and was very satisfied with it for my experiments at that time, I decided to use Plesk.

Having already worked with Hosting Controller, I was now looking for another automation software for web hosting solutions, domain service and more that was cheaper. Through my research I came across WHMCS which offered exactly the features I needed to build a web hosting service for WordPress.

Then I did some more research on how to become a domain reseller and offer domains with my hosting packages. There are a few registrars to choose from. There are advantages and disadvantages with the individual providers. We decided to start with eNorm. eNorm offers super integrity to WHMCS.

Now came the most difficult part. Servers! Dedicated servers, virtual servers, own servers, rented, managed, cloud, which provider. There was a lot to consider and I had to do a lot of calculations to find a reasonable way.

The Choosen Tools

WordPress Hosting Service with Microsoft Azure

I have tested different providers and compared the prices. I have calculated how much turnover I can make per server and how many customers or websites can be provided on a single server.

After extensive research and calculations, I decided on Microsoft Azure out of various prositive aspects.

One of the reasons for choosing VPS was that less start-up capital is required. Setting up your own server infrastructure in a data centre requires quite a lot of start-up capital, as well as additional running costs such as maintenance, replacement of defective hardware, possible employee costs and more.

There are many options for setting up a hosting service. It is important to calculate everything and think about where the journey will end up.

First of all, I would like to offer a hosting service focused on WordPress. Selling domains and offering email services.

Other ideas would include
Cloud storage with Nextcloud for example.
Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and email sales.
ASP.Net hosting
Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting.
App Services – Database Services
Microsoft Dev Ops
Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams

The world is open to us!

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