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Defender of the Turrets : Warp Attack , Unity Indie Game

Game Information

Brief Information

  • Plattform

    PC, PC Gaming, Steam

  • Main-Genres

    Action, Casual, Strategie

  • Genres

    Arcade, Shooter, Tower Defense

  • Sub-Genres

    Idle, Clicker, Shoot'em Up, Third-Person Shooter

  • Perspective

    3D, Third-Person

  • Motivation and Atmosphere

    Survival, Automation, SciFi, Space

  • Functions

    Bullet-Hell, Round-Based, Weapons, Upgrades, Highscore

  • Player



  • Best Gameplay Counts

    Find the best Gameplay to Survive the different Waves of Enemies.

  • Unlock Towers

    Unlock Different Towers and Choose them in the Defense Line.

  • Upgrade System

    Tower Upgrade System to increase the Fire Power.

  • Active and Passive Abilities

    Choose between various Abilities to Improve the Fire Power.

  • Global Leaderboards

    Show your Power on Global High Score Lists.

  • Steam Achievements

    More then 30 Achievements to Unlock

Defender of the Turrets Game Modes

Arcade Mode

Classic Defender of the Turrets Mode. Survive the Waves of incoming Enemies.

Turret Challenge

You have One Tower and you have to Survive as Long as you can. Procedural Generated Incoming Enemies will test your Aiming Skills and Decision making when to Upgrade your Towers and buy additional Ammunition.

Idle Mode

Bored of Firing? Test the Idle Mode and let the Game Play by itself.

Towers are  Idle Shooting on Incoming Enemies. You Upgrade your Towers and Watch your Money go Up.

Ranking with Highest Idle Players.

Media and Screenshots

Gameplay Video

Automation and Testing

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Work in Progress:
Estimated Release July/August 2021

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