Do You know the Difference, between Coding and Programming?

Alexander Stusse - Creator of Worlds full of Joy and Adventures

Unity3D was Found

When i discovered Unity it was very Exciting, found a the Roll-A-Ball Tutorial (Old Version) and jumped right into it. After finishing it, i wanted to know more about making Games with Unity.

Learning and Retraining

I started to Learn more about Unity and have been using Unity now for +3 Years. I Mastered the Fundamentals of Unity, improved my Game Design Skills and learned how to Design my Code better to make it more reusable.

When My retraining in 2018 February as Software Engineer started, i have been learning through that more about the parts besides Game Design and Programming with Unity. Networking and Managing Server and SQL were the Topics i had the most knowledge deficit. So my concentration was focused on those Topics to improve.

Stusse Games

My Indie Game Dev Company. I release Indie Games on Steam and Itchio

Stusse Games

My Specializations in Game Design with Unity

Alexander Stusse - Game Design

public class AlexanderStusse : MonoBehaviour
    void Start()
    void StartGameDesign()
    Game PublishGame() => return new Game();

Check out Game Design with Unity

Aircraft Sketch Shooter

Defender of the Turrets : Warp Attack

Game Design with Unity and Stusse Games on Itch.Io

My Girlfriend and Myself often participate together on Game Jams. We think together of a Game and i work out everything while She supports me with Ideas, Testing and Social Media Management.