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Windows Versions and Experience

Windows 3.1 was the first Version i was using and have been Using Windows since that Time. Over the years I have been with and through all common available versions of Windows.

I have experienced them all!

I think, Without Windows, the information age and digitalisation would certainly have taken a different direction.

Never had any major problems or difficulties with any of the different versions. My favourite was Windows XP among all Windows versions. But I wouldn’t want to think of Windows 10 without it.

"It is in 99% of cases the User, not Windows."
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Alexander Stusse
Windows Administrator and Game Designer

Professional Windows Education

During my 2-year retraining, I learned how to use Windows more professionally. Although I have been working with Windows for more than 20 years, they basically couldn’t teach me anything really new about Windows.

Over the time i learned to manage Windows for myself because a running Windows System is the key to my satisfaction. I have in-depth knowledge about installing Windows, configuring Windows and maintaining Windows. I Can build up a Computer from Skretch and Configure it until it runs safely for a long time.

While my retraining I used the majority of time to deepen my knowledge especially in the area of networks and servers.

Sorry, I went out of Text here, but i need that S as Drop Cap so all Dropcaps together spell the Word Windows.