Do You know the Difference, between Coding and Programming?

My Web Development Skill Level

I’ve been mainly working with WordPress, ASP.Net and Entity Framework. Recently i started a Project with a Blazor WebAssembly App.

status: 14.06.2021

WordPress Webdesign

I am very familiar with WordPress and have been working with it for more than 15 years to design websites for others and myself.

The content management system is very simple and can be easily extended with plugins and widgets for most needs. Because it’s open source, it’s also still customizable.

This makes WordPress a great tool and my favourite for web design.

Web Development with Blazor

When Blazor WebAssembly was finally released, I really wanted to try it out. The structure and everything sounds so promising and better than Razor Pages.

Now I am in the process of building my skills in Blazor to create web apps with a server and client side application.

I had prepared a real project for my company Stusse Games.

Brokkoli Webdesign and Hosting

Performance WordPress Webhosting with NVMe Storage and Access Times Optimized Memory for maximum Speed and best loading Results for Business Websites.